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LED light tunnel

LED light tunnel

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Awards of the LED light tunnel

The light tunnel is the perfect light source for vehicle preparation, car workshops or as trade fair lighting. It is impossible to work at the highest level without good lighting, which is why the light tunnel is an indispensable tool in the automotive industry. Optimum illumination is particularly important in vehicle preparation in order to recognize every detail and achieve the best possible result.

Even in car workshops, there must be no shadow that causes damaged areas to remain undetected. The light tunnel ensures uniform illumination from all sides and thus offers the ideal solution for finding even the smallest damage or dirt.

Even car dealerships with a showroom can benefit from the unique LED light tunnel as a customer magnet or as an aid in vehicle preparation. With its high luminosity and the possibility of letting the light come from all sides, nothing remains hidden. The reflection of the LED bars in the vehicle paint also creates a unique effect and attracts the attention of potential customers in a matter of seconds.

All in all, the light tunnel is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a perfect light source in the area of ​​​​vehicle preparation and car workshops. With its numerous advantages and high luminosity, it is an indispensable tool in the automotive industry.

Optimum workshop lighting for vehicle preparation and garages

Attention to detail and optimal lighting are essential for perfect vehicle preparation and error-free repairs. With the light tunnel from Tuning-Floor you get a high-quality light source for your workshop. Thanks to even and powerful LED lighting, shadows are minimized and details in vehicle paintwork and engines are optimally illuminated. Fine paint damage, scratches, bumps and other damage can thus be quickly discovered and repaired. By purchasing one of our light tunnels you can ensure that you are always equipped with the best working environment in your workshop.

Exclusive showroom lighting

With an LED tunnel, every flawless polish and even holograms are optimally presented. If you want to demonstrate the perfect finish of your vehicles, the light tunnel is the ideal choice for showroom lighting. This system unmistakably puts the advantages of your vehicles in the best possible light and allows them to come into their own. With different light sources, the light can be precisely directed to the purpose in order to perfectly emphasize every detail. Discover now the possibilities that the light tunnel offers for your vehicles!

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Customer Reviews

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lo l.
Absolute Kaufempfehlung für Detailing

Wir haben den LED Lichttunnel für unsere Aufbereitung bei Tuning Floor Gekauft. Die Lichtausbeute ist gigantisch. Die Lieferzeiten sind in Ordnung. Qualitativ sehr hochwertig.

Gute Qualität & Leuchtstärke

Perfekt für unsere Aufbereitung. Der Tunnel gibt her was er verspricht!